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Little Village is searching for a Freelance General Assistant for our team.

Little Village is looking for a part-time general assistant who is incredibly organized, a fast learner and is local to the westside. The main responsibility will be to help manage calendars, meetings, events and relationships. This person would also help manage administrative tasks like coordinating with our bookkeeper, accountant and billing.

A potential candidate must be skilled at managing timelines and calendars efficiently as well as have an entrepreneurial spritit about them. We are a boutique production company so there are time where you will be needing in many different capacities.  This is currently for a part-time position but could turn into a full time job.


  • Understanding of business admin tasks.

  • Clear communication skills.

  • Extremely organized.

  • Understanding of ical & numbers.

  • Local to the Westside.

  • Design experience is a major plus.

Contact us at with an up-to-date portfolio.