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Food Waste

Since 2010, homelessness in LA has increased by 34%. One way to encourage people to seek the services they need is by offering food.

Healthy food can be a gateway to places that offer services like job training, support groups and education. These programs needs all the help they can get and acquiring good food for free or inexpensively can be a burden.

Meanwhile, the city of Los Angeles alone wastes 18 million pounds of quality food every day.

One of the major reason food gets wasted is because restaurant owners think they’ll get sued but this isn’t true.

21 years ago, a federal law was passed called the Bill Emerson Act, and it legally protects anyone who wants to donate food.

And there are plenty of companies and non profits that are offering easy ways to donate this food so it becomes as easy as possible.

This is a stupid problem to have and solutions are becoming available. Share this article with someone who works in the food industry – A server, a caterer, a chef… and spread the world so people can eat.