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About Us

We’re a production company based in Los Angeles, always thinking up ideas and seeking new adventures.

Who we are

At Little Village, we believe films are the fastest and most powerful way to spread important ideas and tell meaningful stories that can change the world – or at least help move the needle in the right direction.

Our name comes from the idea that when people work together for a common cause, it builds a strong sense of community – a village. A Little Village set is ego-free, collaborative and usually in a far-flung location. If the vibe feels close to summer camp, we’ve done our job.

Little Village is run by Campbell Brewer and Mike Malagon but we wouldn’t be a village without our go-to team.  We look for people who are talented, humble, hard-workers who make each project a rewarding experience for us and the clients we work for.

Here are some of the people we like to work with and often do.

Mike Malagon
Campbell Brewer
Kathryn Francis
Kimi Porter
Kristina Anzlinger
Sanders Bohlke
Duncan Thum
Hunter Palmer
David Vollrath
Mahlin Diamond
Clark Brewer
Will Lee
Nick Lane
Ian Thomas
Robert Gill

These are the things
we’re good at.

We love meeting new people

Interested in working with us?

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